Stop Expecting to be Paid $200+ for a Blog as a Beginner

From a writer who does charge that much.

Victoria A. Fraser


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Today on things that bother me:

Too many experienced writers are telling newbies about their rates and encouraging novice writers to charge $200, $500, or even $1000 dollars for a blog or a sales page.

And it’s just causing more problems.

They’re boasting about their amazing lives as a freelance writer while travelling in Greece or Italy. Then thousands of people follow them because they have a dream life we all want, and they tell their audience things like:

“Hey! It’s SO easy and you can defs do it too! Just copy me and you’ll pay for your rent by working just a few hours a month.” — Every Annoying Business Influencer Ever

I usually see these people on TikTok, or Instagram, or Twitter — and I am infuriated by it. And to me, it’s obvious.

Because they’re all full of sh*t.

Here’s why.

Yes, maybe they are charging that much for a blog. I’ve charged anywhere from $200 for a 1000-word blog to $1000 for a hefty ebook. If I’m doing things hourly, then I aim to be paid no less than $50/hour.

But when a beginner asks me what to charge — they shouldn't be comparing themselves to me to set their rates. It’s obvious and yet, a lot of people seem to be doing it.

Here are a few things I have you probably don’t:

  • A BFA in Creative Writing & Psychology
  • 10+ years writing academically and professionally
  • 200+ projects I’ve written or edited in the last few years
  • 8 pieces of published creative work
  • 2+ years as a freelance writer
  • 1+ year managing a team of writers at an agency

And looking back on all of this… I don’t know if I’m charging nearly enough for my expertise but I’m also happy-ish where I am. With my few clients, I can pay my rent and choose to work my own hours.



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