Top 6 Sour Beers in British Columbia

From a Sour Addict who drinks too much beer.

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If you’re into craft beer, then you know that B.C. has some of the best craft beer options all over the province. In fact, there were over 50 breweries in our province in 2017 with 20 pending approval.

Vancouver itself has some great — and award-winning — breweries. In recent years, some great new breweries have popped up in Victoria, Langley, and even as far north as Pemberton.

Personally, I love sour beers. They can be fruity, tart, and jam-packed with flavour. It also helps that one of my roommates works in a liquor store. As such, I thought it was time to share a list of some great sour beer I drank from Beautiful British Columbia.

If you're a local like me, then you can try and find them at your liquor store or visit the brewery itself. If not, then write it down for the next time you visit. Let’s get tipsy!

Strathcona — Love Buzz

This is one of my favourite sours. The Strathcona Beer Company makes beer that is fresh and fantastic. Every summer I drink countless cans of whatever flavour they’re selling. The Love Buzz was the first one I tried and the beer has a rich, fruity flavour that will also make your lips pucker.

It’s usually available at speciality liquor stores and it’s worth every penny.

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Fuggles & Warlock — Mountainview Blackcurrant Sour

I’ll admit I'm somewhat biased here… but Fuggles & Warlock is based in Richmond and might be my favourite brewery of all time. The REI Boysenberry Sour was the first one I fell in love with back in my bartender days. However, the Mountainview Black Currant Sour is also scrumptious.

If you can’t find either of those, they definitely have cans of the Kiwami Plum Sour at your local BCL.

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Granville Island — Peach Sour

Being stuck at home, I started getting beer delivered from breweries in Vancouver and I love it. Last week, I had Granville Island deliver some of their pales ales and this lovely little peach sour. Plus, they gave me a bunch of free samples to try.

Sure some sample were dog treats… and I don’t have a dog — but it’s the thought that counts! Find them at your local liquor store, or order delivery from their website.

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Mariner Brewing — Venture Blueberry Sour

Last year, I went to Mariner Brewing for the first time with a cousin in Langley and fell in love with their Blueberry Sour. Its bright colour matched the flavour perfectly. Now I grab a 4 pack whenever I can to take on a sailboat or just sip in my backyard.

Seriously, I could paint a giant blueberry with this beer the colour is so vivid!

Image by Author

Farm Country Brewing — Strawberry Rhubarb Sour

This one was introduced to me by my roommate and I wasn’t disappointed. Farm Country Brewing is out in Langley and they’re already nailing their sour beers, which can be hard to do as a new brewery. My favourite pie is strawberry rhubarb, and now it might also be my favourite beer? We’ll see how it goes.

For now, I think it’s only available at speciality liquor stores, but I’m BCL will get their hands on it eventually.

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Ile Sauvage — Melon a trois

This brewery, Ile Sauvage, is based in Victoria and they make more sours than any other brewery I’ve visited. If you’re like me, it is definitely worth the visit and 2-hour ferry ride to get there. When I was there 2 years ago, it was the first time I liked every single beer a brewery had on tap — even the one that tasted like pickles!

It’s more difficult to find as they don’t send a lot of cans over, but you will find cans at smaller stores like Liberty Wine Merchants.

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These are just the 6 sours I really loved in the last year, but there are plenty of other beers in many different styles that that aren’t on this list. If you have a favourite beer from B.C. drop a comment below and I’d love to try it!


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