Here, Have a Beer Friends!

Wow, there are 500 of you now stalking me.

It seems a little boost in followers occurred overnight and I just cracked the totally arbitrary number of 500 followers! Wow! Thanks everyone even though I doubt all of you will read this (pesky little algorithms).

Still, to celebrate I wanted to share my favorite writers on here and a piece that I enjoyed because they’re the reason I’ve stayed here as long as I have.

First, I’ve recently enjoyed getting to read Stephen Moore who is a lovely editor to work with and a spectacular writer himself (get you a man who can do BOTH).

I’ve also really enjoyed Eric Pierce for all his super interesting pop culture pieces and awsome work at FanFare. Also, I loved his hilarious story from the perspective of his cat that he recently shared.

Next, there is Ryan Fan who writes in SO MANY TOPICS! History, true crime, comedy, gaming, he can do it all. He inspires me to also just write about anything and everything and write about it well.

And don’t forget BreeAnn who writes awesome articles about freelancing and is a Dungeons & Dragons player which I relate to as well. She also has a great true-crime podcast and just generally gives me the warm fuzzies.

I also love Elan Cassandra who helped create lots of great pubs, but my personal favorite is Fill in the Blanks since it reminded me how much I LOVE Madlibs. Seriously, go write for them, you won’t regret it.

And I couldn’t not mention Kyrie Gray who is one of my favorite humour writers and (also I promise I’ll send more funny things to Jane Austen’s Wastebasket someday, I am in a slump…)

I also want to shout out Phoenix Huber who is funny, heartwarming, and a fellow word nerd like me! Also because she created a great little writers group of awesome women who I love and can find support when I need it.

And finally, Hogan Torah who enjoyed my silly music list and invited me to HMTV to share it with folks. Also because he is hilarious, strange, and living a wild life. I aspire to have as many strange stories as him.

I’ll admit I’ve been a bit too busy to read as much, but I’m sure I’ll be still stalking them and others as I’m hoping to adjust my work schedule to make more time for personal creative projects.

Cheers strangers to all of you my 500 dear strangers!

If I could go for a drink with each of you I would. For now, enjoy this selfie I took at some point at a brewery I forget the name of.

Writer, podcaster, and nerd. BFA in Psych and Creative Writing. Follow along for humour, nerd stuff, psychology, podcast tips and my opinions!

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