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  • Khari Johnson

    Khari Johnson

    Journalist, nerd, builder of things. I write about artificial intelligence for VentureBeat.

  • Sarah Willey

    Sarah Willey

    Consultant, writer, business scholar. Nonprofit nerd; passionate about relationship-building and community. sarah@sarahwilleyllc.com

  • Eduard Sebastian

    Eduard Sebastian

    Psychologist & Content Writer. I write about psychology, self-development, and health. Contact: sebastianeduard0801@gmail.com

  • Kim McKinney

    Kim McKinney

    A non-niche writer who loves a good story. My ADHD mind thinks way too much for its own good, but I have grown to love it. An idea person.

  • Bingz Huang

    Bingz Huang

    Founder and Editor for Gentleness Ambassadors. Human Design Coach, Intuitive Healer, and I dance for my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. ✨

  • Kit Campoy

    Kit Campoy

    I get to the point. SoCal freelance writer from the Sonoran Desert. Dog person. https://kitcampoy.com

  • Tara Roberts

    Tara Roberts

    Tara Roberts is a writer, educator, mother and ice-cream enthusiast from Moscow, Idaho. She is not usually very funny, especially in her bios.

  • Bev Potter

    Bev Potter

    Legal secretary by day, insomniac by night. BA, MA. Humor, pop culture, and things that make you think. bevpotter.substack.com

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