5 Things You Learn When you Shave Your Head

Let’s cut it all off baby!

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It’s your favourite weirdo and newly bald baddie Victoria here! This last week, I chopped off all my hair. Yup. Every last curl was snipped and tucked into an envelop to be mailed off to a wig company in Vancouver as a donation. After that, I made a donation to the BC Cancer Foundation as well in my uncle’s name to help fund efforts to fight Cancer.

Now, I thought I would share my new experience as a bald baddie with you all. How many of us shave our heads after all?! Maybe more men might have, but women are seldom bald by choice.

You Need a lot More Toques

My hair is SO COLD! Once I walked outside the house with my freshly mowed scalp, I was ready to start gluing my hair back on my head. Obviously, that’s not a feasible long-term solution, so I borrowed my friend's toque and called it a day.

Time to buy more hats I suppose. Maybe I’ll start rocking a sunhat in the summer, or those weird bucket hats that fishermen wear, or perhaps the tacky rainbow umbrella hats? Who knows!

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There is a Lot of Dead Skin

Maybe I have a gross scalp? But damn, I sure had a lot of dandruff all over my head. Behind my ears, on my neck, everywhere! I was using a bad shampoo that I was allergic to recently so I think that might have been the cause… still I didn’t expect to be a walking snowcone machine.

Either way, it’s nice to have a fresh start! I was tempted to shave it completely and shine it up to embrace my inner egg, but decided that would take too much effort.

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Your Head Feels like Velcro

This was not something I had expected. When I toweled off my head, it felt like I was wearing my first pair of shows in kindergarten again. When I put on my first toque (or beanie for you Americans) the experience was -3/10 for sure.

Definitely not the most pleasant feeling especially on your head. I would rather not feel like a shoe, but here we are. Please don’t hug me while wearing anything fuzzy or I will be stuck to you.

People have A LOT of opinions

This is actually the third time I’m cutting my hair for cancer. Every time I cut my hair, the hairstylists would confirm not once or twice but literally 5 times before cutting it off. While I understand you don’t want someone refusing to pay if they’re displeased, it was a bit excessive. One lady even guilted me into saying it was too beautiful to cut and nearly refused to help me.

If it’s so beautiful, then shouldn’t I want to share that with someone who can’t have hair? Because I was fed up with my last 2 experiences, I decided this time around to do it myself (or rather with a friend’s help). And so, we took the scissors and razor and removed it all!

You Still Look Cute AF

Am I not still adorable? I think so. If you disagree then fine, but I don’t need to hear it because I don’t care. Plus, bald women are dangerous if I learned anything from Stranger Things and Mad Max. Don’t you dare mess with me.

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So many men and women feel insecure when they lose their hair. I get it. When I was 6 years old, a boy in my class cut a chunk of my hair off and I bawled my eyes out. Of course, I was a little kid and my hair meant a lot to me. Now, it still does, but I don’t have the same emotional attachment I did then because I know it’s just hair and it can grow back.

Even so, my curls are part of my personality and I often joke about them having a life of their own. I even published a poem about it once as if I was Medusa! Hell, I still could be, you don’t know, you’re reading this through a computer.

And now, the photo you’ve all been waiting for, I present to you Bald Victoria:

Image by Author


If you’d like to make a donation, then by all means! You can check out BC Cancer Foundation if you’re Canadian like me or look up a local charity in your area. If you can’t then there are plenty of ways to support like donating your hair and volunteering at local events.

That’s all from me! Have a good one friends!

Writer, podcaster, and nerd. BFA in Psych and Creative Writing. Follow along for humour, nerd stuff, psychology, podcast tips and my opinions!

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